• FTP Manager

    Create an FTP account to allow users to manage your website files on your web hosting account

  • DNS record types

    There are several different types of DNS records that can be added to your domain zone file

  • Domain Forwarding

    You can use domain forwarding to redirect parts of your website, or the entire domain to another domain

  • Domain Manager

    You can manage all of your Easyhosting domains in your Easyhosting Portal using the Domain manager app

  • Using Search Engine Assist

    Get the most out of your new Search Engine Assist service by completing created tasks

  • Search Engine Assist

    Search Engine Assist will help your business get found by your customers, both new and old.

  • Online Fax

    With Online Fax, you will no longer need to wait by that big, expensive machine for your important (an possibly sensitive) fax.